Extended Reality (XR) is a combination of real and virtual world and human-machine interaction. It includes technologies such as Extended Reality, Auygmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). In other words, XR can be defined as an umbrella that brings three lines of reality (AR, VR, MR) together.

Technically enhanced reality term is used for computer-generated 3D environments where individuals feel the reality to be there. Users are involved in virtual environments through various peripherals (such as a screen with a helmet). Extended reality designs need to be perfect in order for users to "really" experience  the practice; otherwise the weak "sense of reality" that is created do not allow users to fully experience this practice.

Extended reality environments may vary according to the intensity level of reality they create on the participant;

  • Partly Participatory Environments
  • CAVE - Full Participatory Environments
  • Common (Multiple) Participatory Environments
  • Metaverse Environments

Negentra is a game development studio that pioneered the development of extended reality games and experiences for corporate customers along with the Imece Studio brand in its possession. The rebrandable experiences that it designs are used for demonstration or entertainment at meetings, encouragement training, conferences and fairs. Despite the fact that the expanded reality technologies are still very new, they have already developed solutions for more than 40 brands and events. Negentra aims to provide the most accurate solution for you valuable customers by analyzing the most accurate extended reality and metaverse needs for your institution.

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