First age, medieval age, new age, modern age... Although post-historic periods are named like this in the books, new names have been added to the names of post-historic periods - at least among the people - as technology has developed, humanity has grown, new ideas emerged and inventions have been made. Even though the age we are in was called Post-Industrial Age before, after the use of the internet has been completely free in 1995 eventually, the term Post-Industrial has been changed to Information .

Especially with the introduction of information technology into education systems, distance education has been more and more popular rather that classic face-to-face education beginning from 21th century. The facts that e-learning systems are independent from places and easily accessible for the source, increase education productivity and provides solutions for the cost are the most important reasons to prefer. In this term where computer technologies and digital devices are the indispensable part of our lives, it has been necessary to combine traditional education systems with technology.

The virtual and enhanced reality studies started to be developed and development studies are still going on especially after 1990s. These new technologies are able to be used in many areas and for various purposes. Especially in artificially created environments, they are quite effective in learning. Individuals can learn by living in artificial environments created in this technology. The use of these technologies is possible only with advanced computer (analogy) software and an equipment which is specifically designed. They are the technological innovations that creates the future learning environment.

Negentra can develop special solutions that blends these technologies thanks to the virtual and extended reality technology in its possession. These developed systems provide services to defense industry, educational institutions and the private sectors.

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