The simulation is a mathematical model that defines its model of a real process or a system based on the time. Simulation involves the examination of this artificial record either manually, by computer, by creating artificial records of a system, and obtaining the results of the actual system's operating characteristics. (Banks and Carson, 1984)

Simulation was first used to reveal the effects of nuclear explosions within the scope of Manhattan Project in the Second World War. Today, there are a variety of applications in many areas of the simulation. These include primarily the military simulations. Today, many armies prefer to use computer simulations in order to find out what events might be experiences in a real war. Therefore, while various situations can be tested by the help of computer simulations, it is also possible to find out possible experiences in a real military operation with a more economical and less risky way. In addition, the simulations can be used in flight training, driving training of new driver applicants and captain training with ship simulations. So the people who learn to drive new-kind vehicles can be tested in various situations and they don't risk themselves in the event of an accident. It's been possible in biology to create simulation of a human brain and examine in molecular level. In risk and market analysis of Economics and politics, it is used to examine economic, social and political effects of e decision given country-wide and worldwide. Also the strategy games which are very popular in the world of computer games are also examples of computer simulation.

Negentra analyzes your needs of simulation and develops the most accurate simulation needs for you by its engineers and researchers who are experts in their fields. It adopted presenting the following features as standard for its users in each simulation system that it offers in modeling and simulation fields as its own policy.

  • Real-time,
  • High quality texture mapping,
  • Working with the maximum level of optimization,
  • The highest level of Visual quality with realistic effects,

It aims to gain the top level favor for its users by its scenario production and management, analysis and reporting tools that it developed for simulation systems. In addition, it develops boutique simulation systems in compliance with its project scope. Modeling and simulation applications specific to your need and presented by Negentra,

  • Medical Education Simulations
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Simulators
  • Real Time Strategy Management Systems
  • Occupational Safety Simulators

are summarized. We are also capable to integrate the following systems to the boutique simulation systems that we develop;

  • 3DOF and 6DOF Motion Platforms,
  • Motion Capture Systems
  • Private Data Acquisition Systems
  • Optical Monitor Systems
  • Helmet Systems.
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