People recognized Blockchain with Bitcoin and it gains more popularity in the last term. Blockchain can be defined as a distributed database that provides a brief coded transactional set-up. Blockchain technology which is constructed from a chain model that can be understood from its name, is traceable but not breakable and allows for transaction without being connected to a center.

The block chain, which allows the digital data to be distributed rather than copied, forms the structure of a brand new Internet kind. Although it has been developed for the digital currency Bitcoin, there are hundreds of potential uses.  The decentralized block chain system has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications, from business to asset management. To summarize these areas of use, we can list;

  • Financial Services
  • Smart Property
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Public Value Management
  • Asset Management

Ethereum Project that is introduced by the founder Vitalik Buterin in the North America Bitcoin conference for the first time serves as a system that allows software developers to easily implement applications and project developments into the blockchain system. The Ethereum platform, built on Bitcoin's blockchain logic, allows the development of "decentralized" software protocols on this operating system using a proprietary spelling language. Negentra can develop intelligent contracts, nfts and block-chain solutions in the specifically for your company needs on the  Ethereum, Solana, Avalance, Polygon and Near networks.

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